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7 Easy Steps to a Great Backyard Barbeque in Maine

As Maine heats up this summer, it’s high time for something else to heat up—your outdoor grill! The fact is, nothing offers such a fun, memorable time as a backyard barbeque with family and friends in Maine. So how do you make it really special? Here are 7 tips for doing just that!

Choose a Theme for Your Backyard Barbeque

Okay … put on your thinking cap! What cool theme can you choose for your backyard barbeque that will attract folks to it AND help them enjoy it to the max? Maybe a Mexican fiesta featuring a piñata, sparkly party decor, and sombreros? Or how about having a “birthday party” for famous people born in August, such as Tim Burton or Madonna, with accompanying décor and music? The sky’s the limit!

String Up Decorative Lights

Since it may get dark outside during your Maine backyard barbeque, be ready with creative lighting that will illuminate the area and bring a fun, festive ambiance as well. If you enjoy “going green,” you can use solar-powered outdoor string lights with an automatic timer.

Fully Prep Food Before Guests Arrive

Be sure to do as much food-prep as possible beforehand. Get burger patties, hotdogs, etc., chopped lettuce, tomatoes, etc., ready to go on the grill when your guests arrive, along with all side dishes. That way, you can enjoy your company as they arrive and only tend to the grill when you need to.

Offer Kid-Friendly and Adult Beverages

As part of your party prep, be sure to stock one cooler with kid-friendly drinks like bottled water, juice pouches, or pop. Set up a separate cooler or tub filled with seltzers, beer, wine, and other adult beverages. Having different colored coolers in separate locations closer to designated activities may be helpful. As guests arrive, offer them their first beverage and encourage them to help themselves after that.

Get Creative!

If burgers, hotdogs, steaks, and chicken are your idea of Maine backyard barbeque heaven, you should definitely go for it. But how about complementing the tried-and-true with some more creative dishes? Here are just a few you might try:

·        Sweet and Spicy Ribs from Epicurious

·        Easy Smoked Brisket by Sweet C’s Design

·        Grilled BBQ Chicken Kabobs by The Chunky Chef

·        Carne Asada by Pinch and Swirl

·        Grilled Beef Fajitas from The Food Network

·        Garlic and Black Pepper Shrimp from Bon Appetit

Set Up Yard Games for All Ages

If kids are there, they may be itching to play games. Maybe the adults are, too! So transform your Maine backyard barbeques into an all-ages playground by offering too-much-fun games such as Twister, horseshoes, or bean bag toss before or after your party.

Bring on the S’mores & More
Nothing says “summertime dessert in Maine” more than s’mores made over an open fire or, in this case, your grill. All you need are marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers, and then simply make them like this. And, of course, you can offer other yummy desserts, too. Since we’re talking awesome summertime in Maine, how about fresh blueberry pie (Maine’s official state dessert) or whoopie pies? Whichever sweet you choose, it should contribute to a very sweet time indeed!

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