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For Mother's Day: Help Mom with Home Improvements

Bestselling author Mitch Albom once said, “When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.” If you want to reflect that love back to Mom this Mother’s Day—in a way she will deeply appreciate and benefit from long-term—one creative way to do that is by helping her with home improvements. Thoughtful, creative home improvements are a wonderful way to enhance her safety and comfort, while also helping her build equity in her house. If cool, creative home improvements sound like a great Mother’s Day gift for that special mom in your life, try these!

Add Smart-Tech Features

By including smart-tech features among Mom’s home improvements, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. You’ll greatly enhance her safety and security AND make her home significantly more attractive to buyers should she ever decide to sell it. According to recent research, nearly 50 percent of buyers under the age of 50 rate smart home technology as “highly important” in their home search. Among the smart features you can add are (1.) a smart thermostat, which will help Mom decrease the amount of energy wasted when heating or cooling a room; (2.) smart locks, which make forgetting her keys a thing of the past; (3.) smart light bulbs, which can positively affect her health and sleep cycle while saving her money on lighting costs; and (4.) smart Wi-Fi routers, which take the hassle out of using the internet.

Create a Cozy Reading or Yoga Nook

Does your mom love to read and/or practice yoga?  Then creating a cozy nook for her to do one or both is the perfect home improvement. She can also use her own little “peace and quiet part of the world” to do a host of other things. These can include meditating, resting, journaling, and much more. For a great array of nook creation and decoration ideas, see here.

Give Her Kitchen and/or Bathroom a Makeover

You may think kitchen and/or bathroom makeovers will make your bank account drop like a stone, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Simple upgrades such as new appliances, a fresh coat of paint on the walls, adding new light fixtures, adding artwork, changing mirrors, darkening the color of cabinets, swapping color schemes, or replacing hardware can be done affordably yet have a major impact on the look and feel of Mom’s kitchen or bathroom.

Frame That Beautiful Photo

Is there a particular photo your mom cherishes but doesn’t already have hanging on her wall? Having it framed for her can be a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. It will bring back cherished memories, and keep the subjects of the photo—beloved family members or pets—close to her each hour of the day. We’re betting your mom will be delighted to see one of her most cherished items presented in such a thoughtful, classy way!

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