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Moving Advice for People with Disabilities

Do you know the average American moves 5 times during his or her lifetime? That means you’ve probably had the experience—and know how challenging it can be. And for people with disabilities, the challenge can be even greater. That’s why we’ve put together the following moving advice. Using this guidance, people with disabilities can leave most worries behind and make everything go much more smoothly.  

Check into Disability Services & Benefits

No matter where you move to (and we hope it’s central Maine!), your Social Security Disability Insurance comes with you. You don’t need to reapply for it, but you do need to make sure Social Security has your new address. You also must check on benefits based on your new location since state benefits and/or supplemental insurance can change depending on your new state or municipality. Your new local government or housing authority should be very helpful with this entire process.

Consider Applying for Financial Aid

Nowadays, there are numerous organizations that can assist you with the financial aspects of coordinating reliable movers and even offer you support in packing and unpacking. Such organizations as ADAPT and AUCD are capable of offering assistance. Another organization, Administration for Community Living (ACL), works with state and local governments. Over the years, the organization has awarded more than one billion dollars in grants to support services for seniors and people with disabilities. Before contacting any of these organizations, be sure to determine exactly the help you’ll need—for example, hiring movers and/or cleaners or adding accessibility adaptations to your new home—so working with them is as easy and efficient as possible.

Determine New-Home Accessibility Needs Beforehand

Well before you move, do an accessibility assessment of your new home. Focus on such things as ease of opening doors, the width of hallways, the height of countertops, and any ramps that need to be added. Ensure potential impediments such as cables and cords are out of the way and present no annoyance or hazard.

Determine Healthcare Services Availability

Be sure to make a list of the contact information of emergency care facilities, your primary care physician, pharmacies, and specialists whose services you might regularly use. Then make sure your list is in an easily accessible place before, during, and after your move.

Hire the Right Moving Company

As you “shop” for a moving company, be sure to determine specifically whether the company has experience with moving people with disabilities. Online reviews and/or inquiries to former customers should be very helpful in this regard. Also, if you would like them to help you pack and unpack, determine if they offer that service at an affordable rate and within a timeframe that will be convenient for you.

Interested in buying your dream home in Central Maine—or selling one? We’d love to assist you, and invite you to contact us today.


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