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5 Secrets to Selling Your House This Spring

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Remember the old expression “Get while the gettin’s good?” Well, right now that applies to selling your house in Maine. Although the market has stabilized a bit, the median price of a house in Maine rose 12.04 percent in 2022 over 2021, to $335,000, according to a recent press release from Maine Listings. One other important factor: spring is always a great time for selling your house in Maine, allowing you to get up to $17,000 more for it than you might in other seasons. So how do you take advantage of this excellent opportunity? Read on!

Create a Schedule & Timeline

As soon as you decide to sell your house, create a step-by-step schedule for reaching your goal. Start researching real estate agents (more about that below), and start “whipping your house into shape” to maximize its value on the market. Consider getting a pre-sale home inspection, which can help you identify any structural or mechanical issues you’ll have to address (your agent can help). Schedule any necessary repairs, then start working on staging, deep cleaning, and reducing clutter.

Hire the Right Agent

Luckily, today’s internet makes it quite easy to research a real estate agent’s professional experience and history, so you can choose the right person to help you. As you look at agents’ online profiles, key things to look for and/or ask about are: How long they’ve been in the industry; how many sales they’ve closed; and which awards or designations they may have earned. Also focus on how and where they market their listings.

Determine What to Upgrade

Before you spend money on upgrades, be sure they will earn you a solid return on investment. Research shows that upgrades to the kitchen and bathrooms generally provide the highest ROI. But it doesn’t make sense to install (for example) granite countertops if they won’t generate a solid return. “Upgrades” is an area where your agent can be of tremendous value to you. Experienced agents have in-depth knowledge of what buyers in your area expect, and can help you navigate accordingly.

Use Professional Photos

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 96 percent of home buyers look at home listings online. That means it’s critical to maximize your home’s online appeal with attractive photographs. If you know a good photographer, schedule her or him soon. If you don’t, this is another area where your agent can help. In fact, some agents include professional photography in the array of services they offer.

Set the Right Asking Price

Although home prices in Maine have skyrocketed over the past three years, it’s critical not to set the price of your house at an unrealistically high level; you don’t want it to languish on the market while others are getting swept up. So work with your agent to get the detail you need about recently sold properties—comparable to yours—in your specific area.

Interested in buying your dream home in central Maine—or selling one? We’d love to assist you, and invite you to contact us today.


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