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Why Buying a House in Winter is a Smart Move

Buying a Home in Winter

Are you super-excited about buying a house in Maine? You’re not alone! During the past few years, home buyers have FLOCKED to Maine, making the Pine Tree State one of the Top 2 “Most Moved to States in the U.S.” Folks come here for our simple, down-home, neighborly way of life—a lifestyle often difficult to find anywhere else.

Why Not Beat the Rush?

But here’s the thing: Since so many folks DO want to enjoy the incredible, living-in-Maine experience, you’re likely looking at some serious competition if you wait until April, May, or June—like most people do—to start looking for your dream home here. So why not beat the rush? You’ll enjoy a wide array of attractive houses to choose from—houses lured to sell by the extremely vibrant Maine real estate market of the past three years.

Why Not Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars?

But “Beat the Rush” isn’t the only reason that buying a house in Maine this winter can be one of the smartest, most cost-savings things you’ll ever do. The fact is, if you wait until spring to buy your dream home in Maine, you’ll almost certainly pay more for it—probably TENS OF THOUSANDS more. Last year, the median price of a house in Maine during January was fully 14 percent less than it was during October, for example. So buying NOW means you get the same home for significantly less money AND—this is huge—you get it BEFORE mortgage interest rates jump again. Since the Federal Reserve has already announced it will be raising interest rates this year—and soon—why not act before that? You’ll be saving an enormous amount of money over the life of your mortgage.

A Final, Important Factor

There is one final, very important factor when considering buying a house in winter—a factor that can very much play to your benefit. It has to do with the folks selling their homes at that time. 

Think about it: Who are these folks? In a very large percentage of cases, they are sellers whose home has been on the market for a bit longer than usual. And that means they are more anxious than the average person to sell. That, in turn, can give you and your agent an important negotiating advantage.

To sum up: Buying a house in Maine in winter is an attractive, often-overlooked option. You enjoy less competition … a typically lower sale price … a better long-term mortgage arrangement … and sellers anxious to sell, who’ll likely give you and your agent a better deal than you’ll get later in the year. Is there any reason to pass up this attractive opportunity?

Interested in buying your dream home in Central Maine—or selling one? We’d love to assist you, and invite you to contact us today.

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