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Enjoy an Old-Fashioned Christmas in Maine!

Christmas in Maine

There’s no two ways about it: Christmas in Maine is simply a magical time. The beauty of the snowfall … the peaceful, down-home feeling … the hushed quietude of the land and the understanding, deep down, that you’ve left the “rat race” behind. As someone once said: “Maine during this season is like living in a Currier & Ives Christmas card.”

If experiencing an old-fashioned Christmas in Maine is something calling to you as it calls to so many others, here are some ideas for making your Christmas experience authentically old-fashioned and completely unforgettable.

Go Caroling in Your Neighborhood

Back in the day, it was common here in Jolly Olde (New) England to gather family and friends and go Christmas caroling in your own neighborhood. Why not revive that wonderful tradition? A day or two before you’d like to go out, gather folks, distribute lyrics sheets, and work up a few classic carols that everyone already knows and loves. Then go through your neighborhood ringing doorbells like trick-or-treaters or simply walk along the streets or sidewalks singing!

Make Handmade, Homemade Gifts

Are you good at knitting or crocheting, or are you otherwise handy at making things? When you give someone a gift made by your own hands, you give a gift made by your own heart. And that won’t be lost on the recipient. From handmade soap … to blankets and pillowcases … to candles … to Christmas tree ornaments … to calendars featuring photos of family members and much more … you’ll find many gift ideas—and how to make them come alive—in this YouTube video and in countless other places on the Internet.

Create New Christmas Traditions, or Enjoy Old Ones

When it comes to Christmas in Maine, the best traditions are the simplest and most old-fashioned ones. For example, you and your loved ones can pile into the family car … fire up the Christmas music … and drive around nearby neighborhoods looking at the house Christmas lights. Or you can all put on your pajamas and enjoy a classic Christmas movie night, maybe sweetened up with eggnog or other favorite holiday dishes.

Bake Cookies for Family, Friends, and Neighbors

Everyone loves home-baked cookies, and folks will especially appreciate them if you’ve baked them yourself. A long-cherished New England tradition was to hand-deliver cookies to neighbors—especially older folks who may not be able to get out much—so why not consider reviving the tradition? You’ll find that baking cookies is good for the tummy and good for the soul. You can find Christmas cookie baking ideas and instructions here.

Enjoy Family Time in Maine’s Outdoors

Maine is virtually synonymous with “fun in the outdoors,” so why not enjoy part of your old-fashioned Christmas in Maine there? Between skiing and skating and sledding and taking winter hikes, Maine offers an outdoor experience unlike any other. And all the while, you’ll be spending unforgettable time with family and friends—the best Christmas gift of all.


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