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The Five Best Day Trips In Central Maine

Bog in Central Maine

With so many beautiful and picturesque places to see, planning a trip during Springtime in Maine is nothing short of exciting. From oceanside eateries to greenscape gardens, there is no better time to tour Maine than during the beautiful Spring season. 


When planning a day trip or weekend getaway, we have found some of the best places to visit to make the most iconic memories. 


  1. Spend A Day In Old Port

Old Port is well deserved as the number one spot to spend a spring day in Maine. Its energy alone is contagious but the charm of this eclectic town is truly unique. 

Cruise down the coastline on Commercial Street to find street vendors of all kinds, unique shops, and locally owned eateries. 

Grab a handbag custom made of sails at SeaBags, book a tour of the bay with Lucky Catch Cruises, or satisfy your sweet tooth at The Holy Donut, and of course don't forget about lunch at Cheese Louise, located just a block over on Fore Street. 

The neighborhood is lined with cobblestone streets and on a sunny spring day, they are bustling with locals and tourists alike. So if you are looking for a place with endless options and distinct personality, you'll find that and so much more in the heart of Old Port. 


  1. Explore Maine's Coastal Lighthouses

Each lighthouse in Maine can be a day trip on its own, but if you find a few to string together, you've got yourself a little road trip. 

OIne of many favorites is the Southern Maine Lights, with lighthouses close enough together that you can visit them all in one day. 

If you aren't in the mood to travel, spend the day visiting our favorite, The Portland Head Light, first lit in 1791, located in Fort Williams Park. It's full of rich history and beautiful views, great for picture taking. 

You can also take a look at 11 other favorite lighthouses to spend the day exploring. 


  1. Visit Old Orchard Beach

One of Maine's family favorite beaches, Old Orchard Beach has a little something for everyone. 

After some fun in the sun and sand, take the kiddos to Palace Playland, New England's only oceanfront amusement park. Full of thrill seeking rides, classic arcade games, and iconic carnival snacks like cotton candy and funnel cakes, Palace Playland is a great place for family fun. 

If you are looking for something a little less adventurous, take a stroll down the Old Orchard Beach Pier, an iconic destination for restaurants, bars & entertainment, including comedy shows & live music, since 1898. Here you can find plenty of options to choose from for a seaside dinner or watching the sun set over drinks with friends. There's always something to do at the Pier, from souvenir shopping to various types of entertainment. 


  1. Check Out A Swimming Hole

You'll find many in Maine, but during the Springtime you want to visit only the best. 

Starting with The Cataracts, where a spring day is the best time to visit. You can enjoy swimming and splashing and my favorite, sliding around the rocks. 

Possibly the most magical on the list is Rattlesnake Pool, located in Oxford County. With completely clear water, taking a dip feels almost tropical, aside from the almost frigid temperatures. Although it's located on private land, taking a quick hike near Blueberry Mountain can get you there. Learn more about this majestic swimming hole and the others located in Oxford County.. 


  1. Take A Hike In The Blueberry Mountains

It may not be the tallest or the biggest, but it's a Maine favorite nonetheless. Located in Evans Notch, Blueberry Mountain has something that others don't….lots and lots of blueberries! Make sure to bring a basket to collect what you can, or what you don't eat! Or make it to the top to enjoy 360 degree views of the Maine High Peaks Region! 


No matter where you choose to go, Springtime in Maine is nothing short of magical. Whether you spend a weekend on Casco Bay or a day shopping in Bath, you can't go wrong with wherever you choose, as Maine is absolutely beautiful all around. 

The team at Rizzo Matson Real Estate is experienced in all things Maine and can surely guide you in the best direction for your ultimate destination. You can meet our agents and learn more about the team or you can discover more about the area.

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