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How to Host a Great Easter Egg Hunt

Do you remember your first Easter egg hunt? You were probably knee-high to a grasshopper, but the warm memory has stuck with you forever. As have subsequent memories. There’s just something so magical and engaging about it! Okay, so you’re not a kid anymore, but here’s the deal: If you’re a kid at heart, you can still reap great benefits from an Easter egg hunt. Hosting one can be a fantastic way to deepen the human connections between your family and your neighbors. And there can be other great benefits, too. Need to sell your house, for example? Hosting your own Easter egg hunt can be an incredibly creative and effective way to get the word out!       


Secrets of a Great Easter Egg Hunt

Okay, so exactly how DO you host a great Easter egg hunt?

Our own world-renowned expert—the Easter Bunny—was too busy with prep to answer our question, so we had to resort to more standard research techniques. Here are 2 key rules we discovered:

  •  First … Aim to make your Easter egg hunt “not too easy, and not too difficult.” Kids LOVE a hunt that’s a bit challenging—but not one SO challenging it’s not fun.

  • Second … Have an interesting, creative theme. (See below!) The best Easter egg hunts will stretch and grow a child’s imagination, making the reward of all those yummy chocolate eggs and bunnies as stimulating to a child’s mind and heart as to her taste buds!

Creative Themes for Your Easter Egg Hunt

So what are specific EXAMPLES of such interesting, creative themes for your Easter egg hunt? Over the years, we’ve heard of a few pretty cool ones—themes that take your hunt from good to great. Here are a few we recommend:

  •  A “Buried Treasure Hunt” … Give each child a sheet of paper featuring intriguing clues as to where the various eggs are hidden. Kids will LOVE becoming miniature Sherlock Holmes!

  •  An “Egg-Painting Hunt” … Have kids search for unpainted eggs, then afterwards paint the eggs at your after-hunt paint party. (Be sure every child has some to paint.)

  • A “Cool Costumes Hunt” … Ask each kid to wear a fun, creative costume to the hunt, encouraging them to dress up as (for example) Batman or a character from the Frozen movies or even the Easter Bunny’s fave, Peter Rabbit!

  •  A “Flashlight Hunt” … Use glow-in-the-dark eggs or bunnies, and let kids hunt at dusk with a flashlight!

No matter which theme you settle on, we predict you’ll turn your house and lawn into the MAINE place of genuine delight AND that you’ll create a lot of happy memories!

Happy Easter!

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