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3 Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Your Family

Whether you’re Irish … or not even REMOTELY Irish … you and your family probably LOVE St. Patrick’s Day and making St. Patrick’s Day crafts!  What other holiday allows you to trot out your terrible Irish accent … warble “Danny Boy” totally off-key … and wear every piece of green clothing you’ve ever had in your life?

Whether we helped you buy your dream home in Maine … or sell one … we LOVE seeing you bring “the luck of the Irish” to your house and family through great St. Patrick’s Day crafts! Here are 3 easy-to-make, do-it-yourself crafts your whole family will love!

“I-Rish You a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” Wreath / Door-Hanger 


All you need for this fun-filled project are a large piece of cardboard (8 ½” x 11” or larger), white beans such as Northern beans or baby lima beans, green split peas, a magic marker, scissors, and white glue. Then . . .

  • Cut the cardboard into a circle, so it becomes wreath-shaped.

  • In the middle of your wreath, write your St. Patrick’s Day message in big, block letters. It can be anything from “Kiss me! I’m Irish!” to “I-Rish You a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” to “Today, We’re ALL Irish!” 

  •  Next, start gluing! Glue the green split peas over the letters of your message, and the white beans over everything else.

  • Allow at least 2 hours to dry, and you’ll have a colorful, eye-catching St. Patrick’s Day craft!

Paper Shamrocks


These are super-easy and fun to make! All you need are green pieces of construction paper, a pen or magic marker, and scissors. Then create your St. Patrick’s Day shamrock like this:


  • Fold a piece of green construction paper in half.

  • Near the top of the sheet of paper, draw “half a heart” shape, with the shape starting and ending at the fold.

  • Then, draw a FULL heart shape horizontally, with the shape starting and ending at the fold.

  •  Finally, from the bottom of the full heart shape, draw the shamrock’s stem.

  • Now unfold the paper! You’ve got a St. Patrick’s Day shamrock!

  • To see a 3-minute YouTube presentation of these paper shamrock directions, please visit here.

St. Patrick’s Day Flower Bouquet

Finally, cap everything off with a lovely, attention-grabbing St. Patrick’s Day bouquet for your dining table or kitchen! This project is the easiest yet! Simply cut out paper shamrocks (like you did in the project immediately above), but make them about half the size. Then glue them to the tops of straws or big lollipops, insert them into a flower bouquet, and you’re all set!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Rizzo Mattson, REALTORS®!

Looking to buy your dream home—or sell one—in Maine? We’d love to assist you, and invite you to contact us today.


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