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4 Mega-Benefits of Buying Waterfront Property in Maine

Waterfront Real Estate in Maine

If you’re like countless people the world over, “buying waterfront property in Maine” and “working and living exactly where I want to” are becoming increasingly synonymous. The fact is, anyone looking for the ultimate in peace, serenity, gorgeous views, stimulating yet laid-back living, and immediate access to swimming, boating, and more, can achieve these life-long dreams on the shore fronts of Maine. And with the pandemic rapidly accelerating the world’s shift to virtually working from anywhere, people are jumping at the chance to ogle the many dream-like waterfront properties available right here and now in central Maine. Let’s take a moment to explore the rich benefits house-hunters are pursuing on this exciting journey.

A Superb Investment

Because Maine waterfront property is scarcer, more in-demand land, it has historically enhanced its value over and above that of other Maine properties. With the median value of homes in Maine rising nearly 14 percent in just the past year—and economists such as Goldman Sachs now forecasting historic economic vitality in the next 12 months—there has never been a better time to buy waterfront property as both a major benefit to your lifestyle and a sound investment for the future.

A Peaceful, Serene Atmosphere 

With little or no outside distractions to you while at your lake property, your waterfront lifestyle will also enhance your privacy and serenity. Being in a sanctuary free of traffic noise, crowds, hectic deadlines, and all the other anxiety-producing elements of modern life will do a world of good to your inner peace and mental calmness.

A Breathtaking View

Undoubtedly, one of the most appealing aspects of waterfront property is the beautiful, never-gets-old view of nature it delivers. From loons floating by … to geese or seagulls flying overhead … to sailboats dotting an ocean sunset … to the quiet majesty of the painted summer sky … the front-row view of your waterfront property can be the key to thousand-and-one breathtaking moments.

A World of Water Activities

Living on the shore of a pond, lake, or ocean brings you a rich, fun-filled world of summer sports and activities. Anyone who loves boating, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and/or fishing can discover those activities just footsteps away. And when it comes time for being social, you can also enjoy everything from beach volleyball and badminton to sandcastle building with your kids and more. And what can be more summer than enjoying a classic New England clambake or hotdogs and s’mores by the campfire?

If “buying waterfront property in Maine” and “working and living exactly where I want to” are sounding more and more alike these days, we invite you to let Coldwell Banker Rizzo Mattson Realtors™ help you seek and buy your dream waterfront property in Maine. Why delay your dream any longer? Contact us today.

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