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Why You Should Enjoy the Great Maine Outdoors This Winter

Why You Should Enjoy the Great Maine Outdoors This Winter

Ever since the pandemic first hit Maine, “cooped up” has become a way of life for most of us. We’ve had to “shelter in place” and “socially-distance” … and we’ve experienced the LACK of everything from visiting friends & attending school, to commuting to work & enjoying live performances in person. Yet, health authorities warn that staying inside for too long isn’t good for our emotional and mental health. So what is the solution? The Great Maine Outdoors! Getting outside into Maine’s famous “winter wonderland” (while remaining safely, socially-distanced from others) can help you beat the pandemic blues while gaining major emotional and physical benefits for yourself and your family.  Here are 5 of those key emotional and physical benefits:

Reduced Stress

During a pandemic, this one is huge! Going into the Great Maine Outdoors regularly will reduce your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, lower your heart rate, and elevate your mood—all of which decreases your body’s stress level. And natural smells from the outdoors provide a “perfume” that also produces a physiological calming effect (known as “natural aromatherapy”).

Increased Vitamin D Levels

Soaking in Vitamin D from the sun can improve your bone, kidney and liver health, and provide a significant boost to your immune system. Best part is, you’ll start achieving these amazing health benefits in just 15 minutes after venturing outside—even under a wintertime sun!

Fun-Filled, Beneficial Exercise

Given the enormous number of fun-filled things to do in Maine—everything from skiing to skating to tobogganing to snowshoeing—it’s ridiculously easy to get great wintertime exercise in the Great Maine Outdoors. And you’ll do so while enjoying one of the most scenic landscapes in the entire world. Staying in shape was never so much fun—or so enriching!

Deep, Refreshing Sleep

The more frequently you venture outside, the more likely you are to get a healthy night’s sleep. Outdoor exercise can help reset your body’s sleeping/waking schedule, referred to as your “circadian rhythms”, and help you achieve a more natural and beneficial sleep pattern. Feeling truly rested will deliver major physical and emotional benefits throughout your entire day.

Enhanced Productivity

Enjoying healthy time outdoors can help you work better and with greater efficiency, and even improve your mental or academic performance. Alertness, creativity, and efficiency all go up. So the next time you and your family feel cooped up and unhealthily glued to your TV, laptop, or smartphone, try taking a beneficial break by venturing out into the Great Maine Outdoors.

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