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Buy a Home - Then Work from Home!

Buy a HomeThen Work from Home!

It has definitely been one for the “Totally Unexpected Life Benefits” file: While this decade started with a super-disruptive pandemic that sent us all hunkering down at home, tens of millions of Americans now ENJOY the incredible opportunity and freedom of working at home. In fact, fully 1 in 4 Americans now works full-time from home, and 40 percent say they have been more productive working there than they were in the office. The trend is so pronounced that 16 percent of U.S. businesses are now FULLY “remote”!

Your Perfect Opportunity to Move within Maine or to Maine

Have you always dreamed of living wherever you choose instead of where a job forces you to live? Do you dream of the unique laid-back lifestyle and affordability that Mainers cherish? Because of America’s rapidly changing workplace, there never has been a better time to buy a home in Maine and then enjoy the wonderful freedom and flexibility of your telework opportunity.

Flight to Maine Escalating

This new “Buy a Home/Work from Home” phenomenon is not lost on Mainers or on folks from out-of-state. According to a recent article in the Bangor Daily News, Maine was among the most popular “Move-to States” in the U.S. during the past 12 months. And MANY of those home buyers are acting NOW on their desire to “buy a home, work from home.” Recognition of this situation is being backed by hard new data from the organization Live + Work in Maine, whose catchy slogan is “Make Maine Your Home Office”. 

Other Key Benefits of “Buy a Home/Work from Home”

The “New Normal” brought on by conditions in the 2020s has also resulted in additional interesting and unexpected benefits for current and future Maine homeowners. Thanks to the work-from-home phenomenon, it is now much more feasible for home buyers to look for homes in less-typical geographic areas–including in rural rather than urban or suburban areas. For example, instead of needing to live within a 30-minute commute of the office, you might now be able to get “more house for less” by living 45 to 60 minutes away, confident that you’ll no longer have to commute or, at least, have to commute far less. This can also be a huge plus if you desire to buy a home with more space for a home office and/or home education. By being able to broaden your “search territory”--thanks to your ability to work from home–you’ll enjoy a much greater array of home-buying options.

When you want to buy your dream home in central Maine … or sell one … we invite you to contact us.

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