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Selling Your Home? 5 Smart Reasons to Hire an Agent

Selling Your Home? 5 Smart Reasons to Hire an Agent

When it comes to selling your home, should you join the “DIY Brigade”? It may have a nice ring to it, but there are many powerful reasons for you NOT to try to go it alone. Here are the Top 5 reasons to hire a real estate agent instead:

1. An Agent Has the Time to Focus on Selling  

Selling your home can be very time-consuming. Think: “Full-time job on steroids.” You’ll have to handle calls from potential buyers, including weeding out the unqualified “buyers” and potential scammers, oversee advertising associated with selling your home, including targeted marketing with established resources and proven outcomes … and handle a slew of other details and logistics. Isn’t the stress of moving already enough? Why not streamline your focus by letting a skilled agent take selling your home off your plate?

2.  An Agent Has the Necessary Experience

It’s just a simple fact: With most things in life, experience matters. With real estate, it matters BIG-TIME. An agent’s invaluable experience means you don’t start from square one. It means having a professional with a budget, a plan and a track record. It means being “in good hands” with a licensed professional who knows how to navigate the real estate waters better and faster than a do-it-yourselfer can.

3.  An Agent Has Well-Honed Negotiating Skills

Selling your home ultimately boils down to one thing—negotiating. Do you have an emotional attachment to your home that could complicate the negotiation? Are you on top of ALL the complex details that come into play during a negotiation? Most real estate agents have been through scores of negotiations—and know exactly what to do to optimize the outcome for YOU.

4. An Agent Understands Real Estate Contracts

There’s no two-ways about it: Closing paperwork is complicated. Dealing with Federal and Maine state regulations—along with all the other details—can quickly make you want to reach for the Excedrin.

From start to finish, the buyer’s real estate agent likely will be with him or her. So it’s smart to match that expertise with someone at your side to represent YOUR interests.  

5.  An Agent Will Offer You Crucial Pricing Advice

Trying to set an asking price for your home can be confusing—or even painful because of the emotional component. Especially if you’ve been in your home a while and have grown sentimental about it. That’s where your real estate agent comes in.

Your agent knows the current market, understands specific neighborhoods, and is on top of trends. They will also be aware of property requirements for lenders, changes in code that may be an issue, and items of concern for a buyer’s insurance company. He or she will help you smartly assess the situation, so you’re pricing your home in a way that ensures the fastest-possible sale, along with the best-possible value to you, the seller.

Do you want to buy your dream home in Maine —or sell one? We’d love to assist you and invite you to contact us today.


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