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Preparing to Sell Your House While Sheltering in Place

Preparing to Sell Your House While Sheltering in Place

If you hope to sell your house this spring or summer, there are powerful steps you can take--right now--while we shelter in place and wait for the COVID-19 threat to pass. Based on our agents’ decades of real-world experience, here are the 9 proven-effective “prep steps” we suggest you take:

ID Needed Fixes & Repairs

Do a complete walk-through of your house, assessing everything from the buyer’s perspective. Identify which specific things need to be fixed or upgraded—anything from worn-out carpeting to broken fixtures to peeling or chipped painted surfaces. Get out your To-Do Checklist, and tackle these issues ASAP. 

Clean Out Your Gutters

Twigs, leaves, dirt, and other build-up during the winter can make gutters a certified mess. So be sure they are thoroughly cleaned before selling your house this spring.

Give Your Lawn Some TLC

Don’t forget that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” That pertains to potential buyers and your lawn—the first thing they’ll see. As the snow melts and reveals your sleeping lawn underneath, wake it up with a thorough raking and clean-up.

Get Rid of Clutter

Decluttering is one of the best possible ways to be good to yourself. You simplify your life and clean up your “For Sale” house at the same time! So “get real” about clothing, possessions, etc. you no longer need. Separate things into distinctive piles labeled “Sell,” “Donate,” “Recycle,” and “Trash.” Then take action (while always abiding by social-distancing protocols when donating, etc.).

Repaint the Interior

Before you sell your house, why not brighten its interior with a good coat of paint? Light, tasteful colors usually work best. Shy away from trendy hues that may not work well in your particular house.

Wash & Repair Windows/Screens  

Sparkling, spotless windows do a lot to brighten interior lighting and subtly enhance your house’s appeal. If any screens or windows need repairs, be sure to tackle that, too.

Take New Photos

Refresh your photo stock with distinctive new photos of your home. Take the photos from tasteful, interesting—yet still revealing—angles, to maximize your home’s photographic appeal.

Give Your Entryway a Do-Over

Our real estate professionals are unanimous in saying this is one of the key ways to win over potential buyers. So give this underappreciated room a do-over, perhaps by adding a full-length mirror, new coat racks, and/or a heavy-duty welcome mat.

Spiff-Up Your Décor

Vibrant, “spring-colored” pillowcases, throws, and towels offer a classy, inexpensive way to add an attractive touch to your home. Capturing the spring mood can help you capture a buyer!

No matter whether your house-sale preparation involves these upgrades alone—or as part of more full-scale remodeling or renovation —we’re always here, as a still-open “essential business” in Maine, to help you sell your house. We invite you to contact us today.

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