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Here's How To Ensure Your Buyer's Agent Is A Good Negotiator

Here's How To Ensure Your Buyers Agent Is A Good Negotiator

Ensuring your buyer’s agent is a good negotiator is an essential part of getting a good deal on your next home. Your buyer’s agent listens to your plans and needs, shows you houses, assists in drawing up contracts, and turns in offers. 

However, their biggest job comes with the counter offer. Here at Rizzo Mattson, REALTORS®,  we suggest you ask yourself the following questions as you select your buyer’s agent: 

How Do They Communicate with You?

One of the most important ways to ensure your buyer’s agent is a good negotiator is to simply notice how they communicate with you. Do they answer your messages promptly? Is the information they provide easy to understand?

A good buyer’s agent will be a methodical and organized communicator. This is because when the negotiations get heated, they need to be able to articulate exactly why this house is worth what it’s worth...with poise. 

Are They Personable? 

Yes, negotiators often need to drive a hard line, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t articulate their position with grace. A sign that your buyer’s agent is a good negotiator is that they can keep their cool under pressure. 

Their personality is also a good indicator of their standing in the local professional community. For example, if they are known to drive a hard bargain, but do it ethically and with respect, other Realtors are going to be more likely to work with them.  

Have They Done It Before? 

If your buyer’s agent is a good negotiator, then they will have a proven track record of great sales. When you are choosing who to work with, it’s perfectly okay to ask them about their last couple of sales.  Inquire about the final sales price in relation to the original asking price, as well as any inspections or contingencies they added or removed. 

Have They Taken Any Courses?

Good Realtors are always interested in improving their craft. For example, there are plenty of courses that you can take to become a better negotiator, as it’s truly an acquired skill. 

It’s not always about playing hardball and aggressively pushing your position; sometimes, it can be as simple as creating a rapport with the partner in the transaction, and coming up with solutions that allow both of you to win. 

There is no harm in asking if your potential buyer’s agent has completed one of these courses, or if they prefer to learn in the field. 

Ready to find the home that’s a perfect fit for you? We invite you to meet our team of professional, negotiating-superstar Realtors, who can’t wait to work with you! Contact us today.

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