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What Not to Forget When Buying a House

Leaky RoofEvery homebuyer, even a first-time homebuyer, knows generally what to look for when buying a house. We all have our wish list (detached garage, good school district, big yard, etc) and our deal breakers (ugly kitchen, cracked foundation, lack of parking, etc).

However, there are smaller, lesser-known aspects of the process that can make things just a little bit easier, even if this isn’t your first rodeo.

Here are just a few tips on what to look for when buying a house: 

Nearby Water Sources 

That lakefront bungalow might be a dream come true, but when the rainy season arrives, you might wish you purchased on higher ground. 

One often overlooked thing to be aware of when buying a home is the possibility of flooding. If your potential property is near a lake, river, or even drainage ditch, it’s worth it to investigate the potential risk. 

Improper Ventilation

Ridding a home of a mold infestation can be a financial burden and plenty of these problems stem from improper ventilation. 

Something to look for when buying a home is excessive condensation on glass surfaces, or bubbly or peeling paint around windows, doors, or vents. If you see this, it could mean there is moisture trapped behind the walls and ceiling drywall. This might not be a deal-breaker for you, but it will impact your wallet, so it’s good to know. 


Staging is an important part of the home selling process. After all, it helps the seller put the property’s best foot forward and helps you, as the buyer, imagine yourself in a home.

However you should not get too carried away and need to maintain a critical eye. Don’t let the smell of chocolate chip cookies or the appeal of freshly painted walls distract you from assessing the bones of a house. 

Instead, you should be thinking about things like aging systems, old wiring, or wonky windows (which can be a sign of a shifting foundation). 

A Good Home Inspector 

While you should never walk through a home you intend to buy like it’s a museum (meaning it’s okay to look inside all the spaces), before you purchase  you may want to consider leaving deeper exploration to a good home inspector! 

Even if you have an eagle eye, home inspectors are trained professionals who will often pick up on problems that are easy for an excited home buyer to overlook. 

Ready to find the home that’s a perfect fit for you? Our team of professional Realtors can’t wait to work with you! Contact us today. 

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