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The Top 7 Home Staging Tips for Spring

The Top 7 Home Staging Tips for Spring

If you want to sell your home successfully in the springtime, you need to dress it for success.

Here are the best home staging tips for spring to make sure you get the sale:

Spruce up the Paint

Take your home’s color from drab to fab. While doing exterior paintwork during the winter might have proved to be difficult, popping on a fresh coat of exterior paint is significantly easier in the springtime.

Power Wash the Pavement

Pollen! Pollen everywhere! It’s easy for sidewalks and driveways to be covered with the stuff (among other forms of grime) in the springtime.

To avoid a bad impression, be sure to hire a power wash machine (or company) to have all your outside surfaces looking nice and fresh.

Offer Seasonal Reading Material

Having a couple of Easter, floral, or overall spring-related magazines expertly arranged on the coffee table or kitchen counter adds a nice personal touch and really help potential buyers to envision their own literature in the home.

Make Way for Mud

April showers bring May flowers! If you are looking for home staging tips for spring, one of the main things you need to consider is the weather you’ll be showing the home in.

You don’t want potential buyers trekking in mud for other potential buyers to be greeted with. Instead, offer simple solutions as a part of the staging process -- like a shoe rack or welcome mat.

Embrace the Home’s  Natural Beauty

Springtime is a good time to spruce up a home’s landscaping. Fresh mulch in the flowerbeds, trimmed-back trees, and freshly cut grass can go a long way towards making a winning first impression on potential homebuyers.

Bring the Nature Inside

Once you’ve made sure that the front yard looks amazing, one of the best home staging tips for spring is to bring a little bit of the beauty inside.

Don’t skimp on the floral arrangements! A beautiful bouquet or flowering potted plants can brighten up any bathroom, kitchen, or living space and creates a cheerful and vibrant impression.

Think about Spring Fabrics

It’s very easy to make a room feel as cheerful as the newly warmer weather. Consider adding an inexpensive pop of color to your living spaces by using decorative pillows & blankets or a seasonally colorful tablecloth.

Looking to make a move this spring? We can’t wait to work with you.

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