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Dog Safety Tips for Autumn in Maine

Dog on Canoe

Fall is officially here! These dog safety tips will keep you and your furry friends safe through Maine’s most beautiful season.

Hunting Safety

The changing leaves means hunting season is here! Be sure to keep your dog safe by ensuring he always wears safety gear when he goes outside. This means popping him into a high visibility vest when you are out for walks and having him wear a noise-making device, like a bell.

Nighttime Safety

Another great dog safety tip is to remember that as the seasons change, the amount of daylight decreases. Your evening walk could now occur in complete darkness.

Because of this, it’s important to remember that Fido needs safety gear like a reflective collar and a light up leash. Also, be sure to stick to the sidewalks if you are walking after dark.

Tick Safety

Once it is on the ground, the beautiful fall foliage is the perfect place for ticks to hide. They are lying in wait for a free ride and meal! Don’t let this happen to your pet. Be proactive and visit the veterinarian early for tick prevention and treatment tips. Lyme disease, which ticks can cause, is very serious.

So, it’s better to avoid it in the first place than need to treat it later on

Weather Safety

Most dogs have a built in winter hat and coat. But, as the nights get cooler, it’s possible that breeds with shorter hair or lighter coats might feel chilly. Consider investing in a light jacket if your dog wasn’t bred for Maine weather.

Now is also the time to start planning ahead for the winter. You should consider if your dog needs boots to wear when it starts snowing. You should also pay close attention to the pads of your dog’s paws, ensuring they do not become dry or cracked, as this can be very painful.


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