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5 Tips for Keeping Your Security Deposit

5 Tips for Keeping Your Security Deposit


Looking for tips on keeping your security deposit? You’re in the right place! If you’re planning a move and don’t want to lose out, here are the best ways to ensure you get to take your security deposit with you to your new home:

Pay Your Rent and Utilities

Security deposits are put into place to protect landlords from bad tenants. If you’re moving and are interested in keeping your security deposit, make sure that your rent and utility bills are always up to date.

Don’t Break Your Lease

Moving out early will usually result in the forfeit of at least a portion of your security deposit. Be sure to read your lease carefully to understand exactly how much notice you need to give your landlord when you decide to move out.

Document Everything

The best tip for keeping your security deposit is to keep careful records of the condition of your home when you first move into it. Go through each room with a checklist and make note any marks, mold, or other damages that seem to be preexisting. Be sure to take photos as well.

Most agreements have a “normal wear and tear” clause in them, which means that small damages like scuffs or scratches are normally fine and only big things like holes in the wall or water damaged floors are issues; however, some landlords have been known to nitpick, so these photos and notes can act as evidence for the home’s original condition in case of a dispute. 

Make Small Repairs

If you don’t own a property it can be tempting to just leave all the repairs to the landlord, but if you are truly interested in keeping your security deposit, it’s always a good idea to go the extra mile by changing burned out light bulbs, unclogging the drains, and leaving your home nice and clean.

Coordinate Move Out Day

Another way to ensure you get to keep your security deposit is to coordinate move out day with any housemates you might have had. This way, you are both protected because you can do a final walkthrough of the property together before turning in the keys.

There are sometimes instances where one housemate moves out early, then the remaining housemates cause damage to the home. But because of the lease agreement, even though the housemate has left, he is still partially responsible for the damages and might lose some or all of his security deposit.

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