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5 Tips for Moving during the Summer

5 Tips for Moving during the Summer

Moving during the summer is its own special kind of monster. It’s hot. It’s a popular time to move, so obtaining resources can be more competitive. But, its popularity is not without reason – especially if you have kids, as moving during the summer allows for an easier transition into a new school and life.

So if you have to do it, here’s how:

1. Time It Right

Try to move house on a less busy day to avoid competition for supplies and help. Saturday? Don’t even think about it. A Tuesday or Wednesday in the middle of the month would be your best bet. And, whatever you do, don’t move over a holiday weekend.

2. Pack Correctly

Think about it: do you really want antique photos, candles, or leather furniture packed into a sweltering moving van for hours? No. You don’t. Because of this, items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures should be packed in separate, temperature-controlled containers or vehicles.

3. Remember the AC

While moving, the doors to your home will often be left wide open for hours on end to accommodate the transfer of your things. If you’d like to avoid a particularly high electricity bill, consider placing someone on “door duty” to open and close the door for the movers, or use fans as a substitute to lowering the thermostat. 

4. Be Kind to the Movers

Whether you hire an actual moving company or just enlist the help of friends and family, it’s important to provide water and snacks throughout the process. By doing this, you can keep morale high while guarding against the dangers of heat exhaustion. It’s also a good idea to schedule in time for several breaks throughout the day, so no one gets overheated.

5. Dress for the Task

Drinking plenty of water is only the first step to preventing heat exhaustion. Whether you are supervising from the porch or sweating in the moving truck, it’s also important to be slathered in sunscreen, wearing clothing made of lightweight, loose-fitting and breathable fabric, such as cotton or linen, and sporting a hat. But just remember, packing and unpacking can be messy work, so you may want to shelf that favorite T-shirt for the celebration cookout.

Are you moving this summer? We’d love to make things easier on you by finding the perfect home. Contact us today!

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