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5 Ways to Serve Your Mom on Mother's Day

5 Ways to Serve Your Mom on Mother's Day

Looking for ways to serve your mom on Mother’s Day? You’re in the right place. We love our moms and want to make sure they have the restful, happy day that they deserve. Here are a few of our favorite ways to make sure that happens: 

Serve Her Dinner

One of the best ways to serve your mom on Mother’s Day is to either cook her the best dinner of her life (and clean up completely afterwards!) or treat her to an evening out at one of her favorite restaurants. When you were a kid, your mom probably ended up doing a lot of the work on her special day, but as an adult, make sure you up the ante. 

Book Her a Spa Day

If your mom likes to relax (who doesn’t?) book her in for a day at her favorite spa for a facial, massage, or nail treatment…or maybe for all three! Before you purchase the gift certificate, make sure to covertly ask one of her girlfriends where she likes to frequent. This way her well-deserved treat will be perfect for her. 

Take Her Hiking 

Is your mom the outdoorsy type? Then one of the best ways to serve your mom on Mother’s Day is to take her out on a hike. Pick her favorite trail and block off the entire day for you and your mother to enjoy nature and each other. If she prefers biking, make sure yours is ready to go to avoid any delays out on the trails. 

Work on Her “Honey Do” List

This one is a bit of an early Father’s Day gift as well. Each mom has list (mental or written) of things they’d like to be accomplished around the house. Whether it’s upgrading the dishwasher, fixing a squeaky door, or repainting the guest room, find out the list’s top priorities and take care of them.  

Listen to Her

One of the perfect ways to serve your mom on Mother’s Day is simply by listening to her. If you keep your ears and heart open to your mother all year round, you’ll know what she truly wants and understand her better. Many moms say all they want for Mother’s Day is quality time with their children, especially if they are grown, so no matter how you choose to spend the day, make sure to demonstrate your love for your mom. 

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