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7 Things to Hide During an Open House

7 Things to Hide During an Open House

When it’s time to move, depersonalizing your home is a big step towards making the final sale. To sell your home with ease, there are certain things you should hide during an open house.

Here’s our advice. You should hide:

Family Photos

If your grandkids are smiling down at potential homebuyers from the mantle, it will be harder for them to imagine their life in the space. You want those browsing to be able to “picture” themselves in your house, so you need to hide all your family photos during an open house.

Pet Supplies

While your pet is part of your family, buyers don’t need to know if Fido is king of the castle. Make arrangements for your dog, cat, bird, snake, rabbit, etc. to spend the day at a friend’s house or a pet resort.

You should also put away any feeding bowls or toys, as well as sweep the yard for any “surprises.”

Smoking Paraphernalia

If you smoke, any evidence of it is definitely one of the things to hide during an open house – this includes ashtrays, even if they are just outside in the yard. This is because buyers might assume that you sometimes smoke inside as well (even if you don’t!) which could make the home seem less appealing. 


You should keep your pantry, cupboards, and refrigerator sparsely stocked during an open house. Mainly because you don’t want any bizarre smells floating around your home while potential buyers are in and out, but also because people may feel an invitation to snack if food is on display.


Plan a day out during your open house. You should coordinate with your Realtor and plan to be gone well before the event begins. This way, any potential buyers see the home as a completely blank slate. For some people, seeing the current owner in the home causes them to think of it as “their house instead of ours” and can prevent them from forming a connection to the property.


Prescription pills are one of the things you should hide during an open house not to expedite the sale of your home, but to protect you. When strangers visit the property for the open house, there is always the possibility that things, like medications, could come up missing.

Personal Documents

Ensure that all documents with sensitive information like tax forms, passports, Social Security cards, bills, and the like are cleared from the counter and locked away. Although the possibilities are slim, leaving these out could expose you to potential identity fraud.

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