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5 Tips for Moving with Children

5 Tips for Moving with Children

While there are definitely more logistics to consider when relocating with children, moving with kids can actually be fun! You just have to plan ahead and go about it the right way.

Wondering what that is?

Here are our top 5 tips for moving with children:

Recognize that Moving can be Tough

Children can feel a great sense of displacement and apprehension about an impending move, especially if it’s their first one. They might be sad about leaving behind their bedroom and friends at school, and most importantly, the stability of a familiar routine.

As a parent, work to actively acknowledge that your child could be having these feelings and make an effort to stay noticeably positive about the move, as children look to their parents for reassurance.

Emphasize how Special your New Home Is

Making your new house feel like home as soon as you can is one of our best tips for moving with children. This can be done in a number of ways, like having a pizza picnic on your dining room floor before the table arrives, doing a big HGTV-type reveal the first time your children see the house, or even placing a family photo or two in a prominent place as soon as you arrive.

Give Them an Age-Appropriate Job

Kids like to help! Give them an easy to do job to make them feel useful and part of the team. Things like vacuuming the empty living room, making sure the movers have water, or even writing “fragile” on boxes are rewarding, but safe, jobs for your children during the move.

Don’t Pack “Lovies” and other Special Toys on the Moving Van

Smaller children can panic when the moving boxes come out as they might think you are throwing their things away, rather than just relocating them. Your child’s favorite toys and clothes should travel in a small suitcase with you, rather than in the moving van – so you have instant access to their “lovie” instead of needing to fish it out of a large box.

Give them a Little Control

Letting your kids make a few of the choices about their new home can greatly help them settle in. One of our tips for moving with children is asking simple questions like,
“Should the coffee table go by the fireplace or under the window? Or “What color mailbox should we get?” You can even send older kids out on an adventure to find a nearby hiking trail or explore a local park.


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