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5 Tips for Holiday Hosting: Making your Guests Feel at Home

5 Tips for Holiday Hosting: Making your Guests Feel at Home

The holidays are on their way and that can only mean one thing: out of town guests. Holiday hosting can be stressful if you aren’t prepared, so here are our top tips to make your house their home:

Purchase Extra Toiletries

Nothing is worse than having to make a late night toilet paper run because you forgot to stock up! Having a few extra rolls of toilet paper, sets of shower supplies, and even toothbrushes handy can go a long way to ensuring your guests feel comfortable. You can even buy travel size toiletries for each of your guests.

Place Amenities in the Guest Rooms 

It can be very awkward for guests to have to snoop through your home for the things that they need or be left holding something thinking, “Hmm, I wonder where I should put this.” Be a holiday hosting pro and make things easy for them. Be sure that things like a laundry basket, personal towels, hangers, and even a luggage rack are clearly visible in the room.

Give your Guests Alone Time

The number one source of tension during the holidays is too much “togetherness.” You don’t need to spend every waking minute with your guests. You might suggest a local restaurant for them to try for a night out, or let them sleep in while you run errands. Spending a few hours here and there apart will make your time together even more special.

Inform your Guests About “Pitching In” Before Hand

Holiday hosting usually involves closer friends and family, so there can be more gray areas in regard to how much of a host or hostess you need to be. If you expect your guests to pitch in for dinners or gas monetarily, help with the cooking or cleaning, or any other activities, you need to clarify this before they arrive to avoid any potential awkwardness or frustrations.

Communicating how you would like the rooms left (beds made, stripped etc.) beforehand is also useful so guests who wish to be helpful know what to do.

Give them a “How To” Tour and Manual

Starting another person’s shower can be akin to a mission control panel. Don’t make your guests guess! Show them how to use the shower and how each remote works when they arrive. Be sure to give them a heads up about any doors that stick or other idiosyncrasies about your home.  Also, be sure to give them the Wi-Fi password.

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