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5 Tips for Summer Lawn Maintenance

5 Tips for Summer Lawn Maintenance

Caring for your yard in the heat can be a tough job, so we’ve gathered these summer lawn maintenance tips to keep your landscape healthy, no matter the temperature.


Water at Off-Peak Hours

A prime summer lawn maintenance tip is giving it a drink when it’s still dark out. So whether it’s early in the morning or well after dessert, watering your lawn and plants without the sun beating down will give them time to soak up the water without being scorched.


Raise your Mowing Blade

As you raise the blade, make sure you are cutting your grass not tearing it, to minimize stress during hot temperatures. As taller grass is more drought-tolerant, it grows deeper roots and helps shade its vicinity to prevent weed seeds from germinating. You should also use grass clippings as mulch to keep the moisture levels steady to avoid this.


Eliminate Weeds

As the heat begins to fade, it’s a good idea to apply a “season long” weed controller to eliminate existing weeds and prevent new ones from popping up next year. Most major hardware and home improvement stores carry these “season long” brands with easy-to-understand instructions.  


Spare the Fertilizer

Wait until your lawn greens up in the late summer to fertilize. If you put too much fertilizer on your lawn in the heat of the season, you can actually “burn” your lawn, creating a new, tender grass in its place that doesn’t stand a chance against the summer sun.


Tread Lightly

A key to summer lawn maintenance is not walking on your grass and encouraging others to do the same. Dry grass has lost its “spring” and the average footprint can compact the grass, ruining it. Walking on wet grass can also lead to soil compaction, which suffocates the roots.




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