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How to Celebrate Father's Day in Maine

How to Celebrate Father's Day in Maine

Father’s Day in Maine is right around the corner! Maine dads are one of a kind and deserve to be celebrated as such, so we’ve put together this list of fun things to do for your old man this weekend to make sure he has a blast:


Fire up the Grill.

While we may never know exactly why dads and grills seem to get along so well, we do know that dad may like a break from broiling duty, or maybe just a helping hand. So don your apron and get ready to roast!


Take a Fishing Trip.

Maine (especially the area around Augusta) is primed with hundreds of lakes, streams, and rivers filled with many different kinds of fish just waiting to end up on your dad’s hook. Fathers have been known to impart wisdom for the ages out on the lake, so grab your dad and get going.


Pamper Him.

Not all dads envision a Father’s Day spent outdoors. Why not treat your father to a professional close shave, haircut, and style? If the budget is tight and you have helpful little ones, consider making a “home spa” for dad and pamper him how he sees fit.


Go to the Movies.

Summer is blockbuster season and the perfect time to treat dad to an afternoon at the movies. Grab him some popcorn and a ticket to the newest super hero movie, action flick, or even art house film.


Give Back to the Community.

Show your dad how much he means to you by modeling his love for you in loving others. Consider spending Father’s Day in Maine helping out a local charity that supports the cause of your dad’s choice.


Cook a Special Dinner

A great idea for moms looking to help their little ones with a gift: prepare a special menu filled with dad’s favorites, then help his little chefs prepare and plate the masterpiece. Fancy clothes and the nice tablecloth are a must for this family affair.



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