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Top 10 Winter Activities for Kids

Top 10 Winter Activities for Kids

Although it’s filled with holidays, food, and family, winter break can seem to crawl by if you have kids cooped up in the house. But don’t worry! We’re here to help. Here are our top 10 winter activities for kids (and kids at heart) to keep you all busy until school starts.

  1. Build a snowman.
    Elsa and Anna had the right idea – building a snowman is tons of fun! Divide and conquer to build an entire snow family or band together to create a giant snow monster. Whatever you do, make sure to use your creativity.

  2. Have a snowball fight.
    If your children have some excess energy, prepare them for an all out war. First, help to build a snow fort or sufficient mound to hide behind. Then, once their snowball stockpiles are ready, blow the whistle and have at it.

  3. Go snowmobiling.
    Maine is prime snowmobiling territory. It’s one of the ultimate winter activities for kids because it’s especially fun for parents too. Grab the whole family and spend a day zipping through Maine’s backcountry.

  4. Experience Ice Fishing.
    Mainers are lucky to never run out of things to do in the winter. If your kids like fishing, or even if they’ve never been, there’s no need to wait until summer to have a go.

  5. Have a movie marathon.
    The best movies come out at Christmastime. So whether you watch all the Star Wars films in preparation for the new one, or every Hallmark holiday movie ever made, throw on some cozy PJs, have the kids pop some popcorn, and settle in.

  6. Play Hide and Seek.
    Put a new twist on the classic game by making teams, using war paint, or even playing in the dark. You can even invite the neighbors over for larger teams to make it more intense and enjoyable for older kids.

  7. Cook up a storm.
    Bored kids are usually hungry kids, so why get them to cook? Try making homemade peppermint hot cocoa, a gingerbread house, or even take the time to pass down a memorable family recipe.

  8. Put on a show.
    Will it be a comedy? A murder mystery? A wartime drama? Get creative! Let the kids wear dad’s ties and use mom’s make up to create their characters. Bonus points if you create a stage out of chairs and blankets or create a playbill for your budding stars.

  9. Try some science experiments.
    There’s no cure for stir-crazy kids quite like watching Mentos explode in Diet Coke or sticking their hands into some nice and gooey Gak. Don’t forget the safety goggles!

  10. Learn something new.
    Challenge each of your children to master a new skill by day’s end. Perhaps a magic trick for one, a new song on the piano for another, or even burping the alphabet. At the end of the day, reconvene to show off your new skills.

How does your family spend winter break?


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