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6 things your Maine Homeowners Insurance MUST Cover

Maine Homeowners Insurance

After purchasing your new home, picking your Maine homeowners insurance policy is the next big step in the process. Selecting a policy that will not only protect your home’s structure, but also the items inside it, is essential to avoiding potential surprises and heartbreaks in the years to come. To help you, we’ve put together this list of the 6 things your Maine homeowners insurance MUST cover.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Fire Damage

This includes damage from fires and everything that comes along with them: smoke, lightning, explosions, and the like. You want to make sure that the language of your policy protects your belongings from fire, regardless of its origin or duration.

  • Riots or civil commotions

This is essential if you live in a more urban area of Maine. Often “organized” events that cause property damage are viewed differently than everyday vandalism by insurance companies; because of this, be sure to check about including a clause that will cover you during the rare event that your home gets caught up in a protest.

  • Theft

While an insurance policy on sentimental items cannot bring them back if stolen, it can help ease the frustration of the loss. Things like large electronics, family jewelry, and artwork should always be included in your Maine homeowners insurance because without it, replacing them can be overwhelming and costly.

  • Vehicular Impacts 

Cars have been known to veer off the road and cause damage to houses, so make sure your policy covers these types of collisions…especially if you have teenager drivers at home!

  • Water Damage

While most homeowners insurance companies will only offer flood insurance if they are explicitly asked (and for a higher fee), exploring your water-based coverage options is essential. Although a major flood is unlikely, your child might overflow the bathtub or a leaky roof could create a need for interior cosmetic repairs – making the investment well worth your while.

  • Natural Disasters

In other parts of the country, things like hurricanes and tornados make this kind of coverage a top priority. While Maine is luckily exempt from experiencing these storms in a typical season, it doesn’t mean that we don’t receive our fair share of bad weather– especially in the winter. You want to make sure that things like a tree falling on your roof during a serious squall are covered by your Maine homeowners insurance.

As always, we are here for you. If you are looking for the perfect home to insure, please contact us.


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