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Top 7 Maine Myths

Top 7 Maine Myths

Are you thinking about moving to Maine but aren’t sure if the Pine Tree State is right for you? Maybe you’ve heard some of the Maine Myths below and they’re holding you back. Don’t worry because we are here to help. We’ve decided to debunk these top 7 myths about Maine!

Have you fallen for any of them? 

Maine Myth #1: It’s too cold.

Yes, Maine’s winter months are long and chilly (average daily temperatures hover in the low-20s), but that’s why we have heaters; however, Maine’s summers are glorious. Average temperatures rarely rise above the mid-80s, so while your southern friends are sweating it out, by moving to Maine, you’ll be living it up. If you’re still nervous about the cold, you can read about heating your Maine home here.

Maine Myth #2: It’s too rural.

While Maine’s small town charm is a big part of its identity, Portland has a population of just over 66,000, while Lewiston and Bangor are steadily rising through the mid-30,000s. Even our very own Augusta is at nearly 19,000 – the perfect balance between small community and big city. If you were worried that moving to Maine would eliminate your chances for neighbors, you can rest easy.

Maine Myth #3: There is nothing to do there.

This myth about moving to Maine might just be the most atrocious. There is plenty to do in Maine! If you like relaxing on the beach, spending a night at theater, or eating as much lobster as you can stand, Maine is the place for you. Take a look at all the fun ways you can fill your time in Maine here.

Maine Myth #4: It’s too old fashioned.

This myth is actually quite true, but it’s not a bad thing. Mainers look out for each other. We take pride in our businesses. We work hard. We play harder. If that’s old fashioned, then we never want to change.

Maine Myth #5: There is only one kind of scenery.

Maine is just about 35,000 square miles of topography brimming with possibilities! Do you like cottages on the beach? Maine has plenty of them. Maybe you are more of a cabin in the woods type of person – Maine has you covered.  If you prefer the concrete jungle, you can hang your hat in Augusta or Portland. Moving to Maine gives you a slice of nearly everything, so you’ll never need to live anywhere else.

Maine Myth #6: It’s too expensive.

This Myth is simply untrue. In fact, Maine’s housing market is currently booming, making moving to Maine look better than ever. There are currently thousands of Maine homes just waiting to be yours, with many more expected to pour onto the market this summer! You can check out more information about affording a home in Maine here.  

Maine Myth #7: There are moose everywhere.

Depending on how you look at it, this wouldn’t actually be a bad thing; however, it is untrue. Most Mainers can tell you that they’ve seen one moose, maybe two, or maybe even none at all during their entire life in the state. So if you were worried about sharing the highway with large, horned mammals, please join us in laughing this one off.

So there you have it! You don’t have any more excuses to avoid moving to Maine. Contact us to get the process started.

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