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Landlord Solutions for Tenant Issues

Tenant issues can be the bane of a landlord’s existence, but they don’t have to cause irreparable conflicts. While your first instinct when encountering a troublesome tenant may be to begin eviction proceedings, they are actually quite costly and time-consuming.

To save property owners the time and trouble, we’ve put together this list of top landlord solutions for tenant issues.
Payment Issues
If you are proactive and in constant communication, landlord solutions for cash flow problems don’t have to end in an eviction. Even good tenants occasionally have money problems, so creating structured payment plans before a problem arises will keep you out of trouble. You can do any of the following things:
• Split rent into smaller, biweekly payments.
• Prorate late fees and spread them out throughout the rest of the tenant’s lease.
• Use part of the security deposit to cover rent.
• Move the tenant to a smaller, less expensive unit.
• Set the tenant up with a roommate. 
If your tenant is still unwilling or unable to pay rent, you should encourage them to leave voluntarily, as an eviction will have a horrendous effect on their credit and rental history. 
Noise Issues 
Constant noise pollution is among the most common tenant issues, particularly if your building houses college students. Preemptive action is your best bet to prevent this. 
Ensure that each lease has a clause about quiet hours, but ensure they are reasonable and more flexible on the weekends. If your tenants refuse to respect these guidelines and you receive complaints, your first response should be to encourage the neighbors to resolve the dispute amongst themselves. If they are unable, you should step in and remind the offending tenet of the stipulations of their lease. If all else fails, and the noise is constant and pervasive, feel free to file a noise complaint with the local police. 
Turnover Issues 
Are you struggling to retain tenants after their initial leases expire? This can be troublesome, as it could lead to your units acquiring a bad reputation. The best way to avoid this is by creating relationships with each of your tenants. The more you are around, the more approachable you will be, and the more likely they will be to extend their leases. 
Here are some other quick landlord solutions to resolve turnover issues: 
• Spruce up your units.
A fresh coat of paint and appliance repairs will go a long way. 
• Make your rent competitive.
If tenants can get double the square footage for half the price down the block, they are unlikely to stay put. You should regularly check to ensure your units are fairly priced. 
• Create a community.
Host a barbecue, door-decorating contest, or holiday event, anything to get neighbors out of their homes and mingling. 
If you are looking for a property to rent or rent out, contact us today.

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