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5 DIY Interior Design Tricks

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Does your home look a bit boring? Thinking of dabbling in DIY interior design projects that will maximize the space you have?

Do-it-yourself projects are fun and relatively budget-friendly. If you are looking for functional and beautiful DIY project ideas, here are five awesome suggestions:

1. Create a gallery wall

Are you fond of picture frames or have a collection of prized artworks that are worth displaying? A gallery wall is a perfect solution. With the right planning, you can create a simple, elegant gallery wall in just a couple of hours. This is a perfect DIY project for homeowners who have a lot of hangable memorabilia but aren’t sure how to display it artfully.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Pick a theme. Do you have a lot of black-and-white photographs? If so, consider a B&W theme with black frames against a white wall. Have some landscape paintings? Consider using earth tones as a color scheme. You can be bold and colorful, fun and feminine, calm and soothing – let your imagination run wild.
  2. Choose a wall (e.g., living room, master bedroom, home office)
  3. Lay out your frames. To get a visual idea of how your frames would look together lay everything on the floor and move things around until you get the perfect arrangement.
  4. Create a mockup. Once you have an arrangement, get some manila paper, trace your frames and make cut-outs. Use sticky tape to place your cut-outs onto your wall, and follow your desired arrangement.
  5. Hammer and hang. Hammer or drill right through your paper squares, and rip the paper off once the nails are in place. Hang your pieces, and voila! A stylish art gallery wall.

Pro tip: To turn a gallery wall into a focal point, add lights just a couple of centimeters above the top frames.

For some style inspiration, check out this Pinterest Board – Styling + Organizing.

2. Use floating shelves

If you are looking to save floor space, floating shelves will help. Whether you need a bookshelf, a display shelf in your living room or a storage shelf in your kitchen, this DIY solution is genius. Floating shelves are easy to build and inexpensive. Although they appear to be floating with no clunky brackets, they are strong and easy to install. Most home centers have ready-made floating shelves. You can get two shelves at under $20. They also come in various shapes and sizes.

3. Use room dividers instead of walls

A DIY room divider is not only an ideal space saver, it can serve as decoration, help you draw boundaries and build privacy in a creative way. When it comes to materials, your imagination is the limit. You can use wood, beads, ropes, panel boards, a functional storage shelf and more.

4. Repurpose an old trunk

Do you need a new coffee table? If you have an old suitcase or trunk hidden somewhere, you’re all set. A vintage suitcase can be repurposed into a coffee table or a chic display table. Check out this DIY tutorial for the step-by-step procedure.

5. Use white paint and mirrors

If you want your space to look bigger, there’s no need to eliminate furniture or anything that is essential just to save space. A fresh coating of white paint and some mirrors here and there will do the trick.

There you go! Five DIY interior design ideas that will make your home seem bigger and brighter even if you’re short on square meters.

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