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Why Home Is Where the Heart Is

Why Home Is Where the Heart Is

It's late November 1954. The leaves have fallen from the trees and snow is tumbling softly onto existing banks, steadily increasing their size. Yet despite the frosty weather, millions of Americans still pack up their cars and begin the journey to celebrate the holidays with family. It was in the midst of this hustle and bustle - the stress of arriving on time, dealing with extended family and leaving houses in the care of others - that we first heard Perry Como croon, "there's no place like home for the holidays." But where this "home" resides is entirely up to you.

The phrase "home is where the heart is" is a cliché, but only because it's true. Each year, millions of American homeowners leave behind their houses for the holidays, choosing instead to travel many miles to spend time in what was often their childhood homes. The end of the year can make us sentimental, and by spending this vulnerable time in a familiar place, we allow ourselves to reconnect with our pasts while making new memories and moving forward.

When we feel secure and happy, we are truly comfortable, and this emotional significance is what turns a house into a home. As homeowners, we are often not attached to the physical building, but rather the moments we created inside of it. Maybe you can't help but smile when thinking about the front porch where you got your first kiss, or the thought of your first apartment makes your heart swell because it meant that you were finally, finally an adult. These memories are an extension of our hearts, and by filling a house with them, we can truly make ourselves feel at home.

Because of this, moving can be painful. Putting permanent physical distance between your body and a place where you built a life for yourself can feel like you're leaving that growth behind. But that isn't true. When you move, the memories come with you. Home is where the heart is because even though you may live in many houses throughout your life, you will always carry the precious memories of each of your homes with you.

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