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Owning Property on the Belgrade Lakes, Maine

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Lakefront property on the Belgrade Lakes, Maine (which includes Long Pond, Great Pond, North Pond, East Pond, Salmon Lake, McGrath Pond and Messalonskee Lake) is some of the most sought-after real estate in all of Maine. The rural population swells to almost twice its size every summer as lakeside camps and summer homes fill up with part-time residents. The lakes of Belgrade have long been a getaway destination, and have drawn people from near and far, who want to spend time under the pines listening to the call of the loons.

Enjoying the lake in a rowboat.

Conservation groups

In order to preserve the natural wonder, beauty, and attraction of the lake areas, a number of conservation groups have formed over the years. The efforts of these groups and associations to educate residents and nonresidents alike regarding issues of safety, water quality, and natural protection is invaluable to the lakefront property owners of Belgrade. Thanks to the efforts of these groups, the lakes will stay healthy and safe for a long time to come.

The Maine Lakes Resource Center

Whether you are looking to buy property or already own a place along one of Belgrade's lakefronts, you will want to know about the Maine Lakes Resource Center. The MLRC, on Main Street in Belgrade Lakes, provides a meeting place for conservation groups from Belgrade and beyond. But, even more, it is a community meeting and exhibit space, a cultural and entertainment area, and an environmental resource. The aim of the MLRC and its partners is to conserve the water quality of the lakes, as well as the wildlife, beauty, and way of life along the various lakefronts.

The MLRC holds programs throughout the year focusing on educating the public about natural resources and conservation. In the summer, they host a public market every Sunday, featuring fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as honey, syrup, baked goods, eggs, and more.

"The Way Life Should Be"

When we hear Maine's motto, we think of afternoons at the lake; fishing, boating, or just napping in the hammock. If you're looking to buy (or sell) lakefront property in Belgrade, then give Coldwell Banker Rizzo Mattson realtors a call today. Our real estate professionals can help you find just the right home to give you that feeling of "the way life should be."

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