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Simple Storage Solutions

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Everyone is, at one time or another, faced with this issue: too much stuff, and not enough places to store it. So what do you do? You could downsize and get rid of your possessions, but we have a better idea: how about we find a better way to store your things instead?

So how do you make room in a finite space? Here are a few ideas.


Simple hooks are a great way to add unobtrusive storage. The backs of doors, the insides of cupboards, out of the way corners are all good places to put ordinary hooks. Fancier hooks or a nice coat rack can be used in more visible areas for hanging coats and hats.

Under bed storage

Beds --specifically underneath beds -- are usually either wasted space or unsightly. There are many storage solutions that are intended to help you tame your under-bed and can help turn this area into a neat and orderly space. If that still sounds too unorganized for you, consider a storage bed with drawers and compartments specifically designed for this.

Storage disguised as furniture

Storage benches, ottomans and chests can provide a good amount of storage while hiding in plain sight. This is one area where spending a little extra could pay off, as the piece you buy could be in the family for years.

Inset drawers or shelves

Some rooms are too small for free-standing shelves. Others have orphaned spaces that were simply walled-off rather than left as part of the room. Either case might be ideal for an inset solution. Inset shelves don't have to be that deep. And inset drawers can stop at knee-high and still be hidden behind a chair.

Pot rack

A hanging or wall-mounted pot rack can free up lots of cupboard space in the kitchen. This is usually only desirable if your pans are nice enough to show openly. If they aren't, maybe it's time to trade up for some new ones anyway.

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