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Selling Your Home in Autumn


Autumn is the best time to live in Maine: fall foliage, apple pies, pumpkins, harvest time. And it's a great time of year to give your home a few extra tweaks to make it stand out from the competition too. Here are some ideas to give your house a bit of autumnal flair:

Clean Up the Yard

With the leaves turning, it's a great time to frame the beauty of your home and lawn. But make sure you rake the leaves that have already fallen out from the corners and the flower beds. Depending on how early a frost you get, your lawn may start to lose its color sooner rather than later. Help keep it green as long as possible by keeping it raked and clean.

Accent, without "Decorating"

A pumpkin or two; a seasonal wreath; a pinch of fall colors. You don't have to go crazy. A little touch of earthy-autumn hue throughout the house will go a long way.

Turn up the Lights

Lighting isn't something you have to think much about during Summer showings. But Autumn walkthroughs -- especially in the evenings -- are another matter. Turn on a few extra lights before the showing. It will help illuminate the interior as well as give a welcome glow from the outside.

Emphasize Warmth

The outside air is getting chilly, so you don't want your house to feel too cool. Make sure the heat is set appropriately. If you have a fireplace, try to make it the focus point of the room. Even if it isn't lit, it will help make the room feel warmer.

Do Some Light Baking

You don't have to make an apple pie from scratch for each showing -- unless you really want to. But a few harvest time home-cooked smells can permeate the house and tie together the autumn feel.

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