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Back To School: Set Up A Study Now

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August is a great month in Maine: warm days, plenty of sunshine and festivals for every age and interest. And for parents it marks the beginning of the back to school season. As your children advance in school their homework increases and finding study space at home becomes more important.  The challenge is creating a study space that works with your floor plan and your student's study needs.  We gathered a few suggestions that will help you create the perfect study space.

Designed For Your Student

Experts recommend that you consider a number of factors regarding each child including their age and grade level, their interests and the type of work they will be doing.  You should also think about their individual learning style and study habits.  Some kids need supervision, some need space to spread out, some prefer quiet and solitude.  Consider all these factors to help you decide on the best location for the study space.

Designed For Your Floor Plan

The kitchen table has always been the go-to spot for homework, for younger students in particular.  However the level of kitchen activity and need to clear the table for dining are reasons to seek a more permanent solution.

A perfect study space provides ample room for work including a desk or table, room for projects, supplies and computer equipment.   A quiet, distraction-free space with a door is optimal so a designated study room or den is the best option.  A second option is to set up part of the child's bedroom as the study.  Rearranging the furniture and removing less functional pieces will give you and your child a chance to get creative and get them excited to use space they helped to design.

Finally, take time to set up a study space that is inviting, comfortable and highly functional. Plenty of lighting, a comfortable desk chair and ample table top or desk space will make the study room a desirable location where homework really does get done.

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