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Why Maine is the Perfect Place to Purchase a Home

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Portland's Lighthouse

"Maine is the perfect place to purchase a home!"  Of course people expect us to say that; we're Coldwell Banker Rizzo Mattson, Realtors and real estate is our job.  But what if there were some sort of competition - a reality-type show where states competed for the prestigious 'Best Place to Purchase a Home' title?

We know Maine would win (even if the network didn't let David E. Kelly produce it or ask Stephen King to be the host).  Our show could open with a group of kids singing that cute alphabetical state song, "Alabama, Alaska, Arizona..."

The first round would move quickly, whittling down the 50 states to just the serious contenders.  With a Top 10 spot secured, Maine could now get down to business.  There'd be a list of descriptions and interesting facts about our beloved state, starting with historical Augusta, moving onto the various cities and towns of Central Maine, and beyond.  Maine would really shine when showcasing all there is to see and do here.  Gorgeous photographs of lakes, rivers, and mountains would delight audiences across the country.

There'd also be some testimonials from local residents.  People born and raised here, as well as transplants, would chat happily about all the benefits of living in Maine.  Naturally, there would be a segment featuring Realtors providing advice on buying and selling real estate, and clearly explaining closing costs.  (And, Coldwell Banker comes out on top!)

The finale, with musical guests and appropriate fanfare, would culminate with the two remaining contestants reciting their state motto.  Maine walks up to the microphone, the lights dim, and the defining words are spoken: "The Way Life Should Be."

And Maine is the Winner!

Why is Maine the perfect place to purchase a home? Again, we may be bias living here, but here are a few reasons we find it to be true:

  1. Friendly people
  2. Great school systems
  3. Beautiful scenery
  4. Country and city within miles of each other
  5. Lobster, need we say more
  6. Cost of living is lower than most States
  7. 4 Seasons, ok, 2 seasons - but winter and summers are beautiful here

Aren't you ready to own a home here?


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