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7 Great Ways to Turn that Tax Refund into a Worthy Real Estate Investment

7 Great Ways to Turn that Tax Refund into a Worthy Real Estate Investment

People looking to put their money to work should always have an eye to investing and one of the first rules you'll learn is no one starts at the top. However, one of the safer bets is buying real estate and with the tax refund season quickly approaching, learning how to put that found cash to work in real estate is a worthy approach that pays off down the road.

Here's 7 proven ways to do just that.

Find A Great Realtor To Sell You A New Home

Experience and a great team are the keys when you're in the market for a new home. Coldwell Banker, Rizzo Mattson Realtors, have everything you'll need including great web sections on hidden ownership costs whether you're buying or selling real estate to make money.

Big Home Improvements

Renovating kitchens and bathrooms increases the equity you have and the asking price you can sell for. Again, Rizzo Mattson Realtors offer great advice on marketing your home and upgrading using a tax refund.

Extra Mortgage Payments

Reducing the principal when your mortgage allows you to make extra payments means more cash after you sell.

Vacation Rentals

Investing in a home that can be rented out works, but you need to know how to gauge the peak and low rental periods.

Fix and Flips

These can be tricky but well worth it if you pick the right listings in sought after areas like Augusta Maine.

Local Rentals

Putting down some money on a rental ready place in your locale means you can keep a better eye on it and save the property manager fees.


Painting a living room in a neutral color is a great way to make a home appealing to prospective buyers. Remember first impressions matter.

It's not too early to start thinking about how to put that tax refund to work in real estate. If you’re looking for solid, professional advice and guidance in listing your house or buying one - now is the time, and we invite you to contact us today.

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