Blog :: 07-2013

Do You Know Maine's Fireworks Guidelines and Safety Recommendations?

The Chinese are often considered to have invented fireworks.  By 200 B.C., they discovered that bamboo shoots would explode when lit, and believed these early forms of firecrackers scared off evil spirits.  A nearly 2000-year-old Chinese legend tells of a cook or an alchemist (a forerunner of a chemist) who heated a crude form of gunpowder [...]

Landscaping - Does Your Exterior Staging Send the Wrong Message?

How your exterior staging looks -- your driveway, your walkway, your lawn, and other landscaping -- tells home buyers a lot about the quality of your housekeeping.

If it's untidy, people who drive up for a sneak preview could literally pass by your home based on their first impression.  Buyers tend to associate how well the grounds are kept [...]

Home Selling - 7 Landscaping Investments that Increase Value to your Maine Home

Many people think that the best way to increase the value of their home is to focus on the interior of the home. While repainting the walls, installing new appliances, and making the home more energy efficient are all good ways to make your home more valuable, investing some time and money into your landscaping can be an easy way to increase [...]