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Blog :: 06-2015

5 Things That May Drive Potential Buyers Away

5 Things That May Drive a Potential Buyer Away

So your home is on the market. Now all that’s left is to sit back and wait for the right buyer, because it will sell in no time, right? Well… if you want a buyer to bite, you might want to look at it from his or her perspective. What seems like an organized desk to you might look like a chaotic eyesore to someone walking into your house for the first time.

The Total Cost of Ownership of a New Home

The Total Cost of Ownership of a New Home


Let's face it: buying is an emotional experience--from the shopping, to the negotiating, to the final exchange of hard-earned money for goods that have just become yours. Many times people fall in love with a house and make a decision because they're caught up in the excitement of the moment. That heady feeling can carry them all the way [...]

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