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Blog :: 02-2014

7 Great Ways to Turn that Tax Refund into a Worthy Real Estate Investment

People looking to put their money to work should always have an eye to investing and one of the first rules you'll learn is no one starts at the top. However, one of the safer bets is buying real estate and with the tax refund season quickly approaching, learning how to put that found cash to work in real estate is a worthy approach that [...]

When in Maine ... Do As the Mainiacs Do

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Another school vacation is upon us and a family trip to a tropical location is not on the agenda.  Parents are catching themselves repeating the dreaded line they hated to hear from their own parents: "There's plenty to do around here!"  But really, there is.  The key may be to find a fresh [...]

Keeping Your Home Clean in Winter with Outside Pets

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Keeping your home clean in the winter can seem to be an impossible task, with snow, mud, sand, and slush being constantly tracked in the door. It is difficult enough when one is cleaning up after humans. Adding animals who spend time outside into the mix can be even more frustrating. Following these recommendations will help keep you and [...]

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