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Living in Sidney, Maine

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The Town of Sidney was named after Sir Philip Sidney (1554 to 1586), a sixteenth century author and military commander noted for his bravery on the battlefield.

Sidney was settled by 1760. Like other towns, it was noted for its rich soil, good for cultivating crops and for growing trees; it was thought to be one of the best agricultural [...]

Living in Randolph, Maine


Only two square miles in size, the Town of Randolph promotes itself as "The smallest town in Maine -- by area."

It's situated at the eastern bank of the Kennebec River, opposite the City of Gardiner and connected to it through a road bridge, at the junction of Maine routes 9, 27, 126, and 226.  Randolph borders Chelsea to the north, [...]

Living in Pittston, Maine


The Town of Pittston was incorporated in 1779.  It was originally named Randolph, but was re-named in honor of Boston lawyer and legislator John Pitt, who introduced the bill to incorporate to the Massachusetts state legislature.  Pitt's family had been among the early settlers instrumental in founding the [...]

Living in Oakland, Maine


Oakland's many bodies of water and its transportation routes have formed its identity both in industry and recreation as an ideal place for work and for play.

The Town was incorporated in 1883, from parts of Winslow in 1771 and later, Waterville, in 1802.  It was formed when manufacturers who had created a separate center of activity and [...]

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