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Simple Storage Solutions

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Everyone is, at one time or another, faced with this issue: too much stuff, and not enough places to store it. So what do you do? You could downsize and get rid of your possessions, but we have a better idea: how about we find a better way to store your things [...]

Home Renovations to Avoid


Renovating your home can make it more marketable, but it can also be a risky proposition. It may seem like a small project - the last prospective owners were turned off by the look of the bathroom fixtures, or the color of the kitchen cabinets. Changing them out could ultimately make your house sell. But it could also become a big financial drain that you never recoup.

Three Haunted Maine Homes

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Looking to add something unique to your home? How about a ghost or two? According to MSN, the addition of a few paranormal residents might not increase its value any, but it may help your house stand out from the rest.

Here are a few real haunted homes in Maine:

1. Falls Rd, Benton

The footless ghost of Benton Falls made its presence known [...]

Commercial Real Estate: Why You Should Invest

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With commercial loan interest rates dipping below 4 % it's a good time to revisit the idea of investing in property for your business.  The advantages are many and the timing is great.  We are big fans of commercial real estate investment for a number of reasons, besides the obvious.  Take a look at these points and be sure to contribute [...]

Back To School: Set Up A Study Now

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August is a great month in Maine: warm days, plenty of sunshine and festivals for every age and interest. And for parents it marks the beginning of the back to school season. As your children advance in school their homework increases and finding study space at home becomes more important.  The challenge is creating a study space that works [...]

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