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    Buying or selling a home represents a major life transition, and finding the right home in central Maine takes into account many factors. Moving can be stressful, but it’s also highly rewarding. Our 15 full-time real estate agents offer up-to-the-minute expertise regarding the current real estate market in central Maine to assist you in every step of the process – so that your transition is as enjoyable as possible. We also bring years of life experience in central Maine real estate and can provide candid information about living, working, and raising children in central and coastal Maine and surrounding communities. Contact us today for more information on selling or purchasing a property in Maine.  

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    5 Yardwork Jobs to Do Before Winter - 09.30.2015

    September and early October is the best time of year to do those last few yardwork jobs before winter. It’s still sunny and warm, but not so sweltering hot as to make the work unpleasant. Most of these tasks can also be performed as a team, giving your family a weekend of fun while getting the [...]

    5 Steps to Determining Your Property's Value - 09.18.2015

    There are many reasons for you to you determine the value of your property, such as to get an accurate figure for tax or insurance payments, establish a loan against the property, or even sell it. If you’re comfortable appraising your property’s value yourself, you can determine its market [...]

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